Plot a giotto image object#

Last Updated: Jan 29, 2024


Display a giotto image in the viewer panel. Image object to plot can be specified by providing the giotto object containing the image (gobject), the image object name (image_name), and the image object type (image_type). Alternatively, image objects can be directly plotted through their respective associated params.


  gobject = NULL,
  image_name = NULL,
  image_type = NULL,
  giottoImage = NULL,
  giottoLargeImage = NULL,
  largeImage_crop_params_list = NULL,
  largeImage_max_intensity = NULL,



gobject containing giotto image object


name of giotto image object


type of giotto image object to plot


giottoImage object to plot directly


giottoLargeImage object to plot directly


(optional) named list of params for focusing on a specified region of a giottoLargeImage.


(optional) assign override value to treat as maximum intensity in color scale when plotting giottoLargeImage


additional params to pass to image object specific plotting functions

largeImage-specific additional params#

largeImage_crop_params_list accepts a named list of the following possible params to define a region of interest (ROI) to plot through either a terra extent object OR x and y min and max bounds given as numerics:

  • crop_extent – terra extent object to define crop ROI

  • xmax_crop – x max of ROI

  • xmin_crop – x min of ROI

  • ymax_crop – y max of ROI

  • ymin_crop – y min of ROI

largeImage_max_intensity accepts a numeric value to set the max value in the plotting color scale. Can be used in case there are high outlier intensity values in the image and a preview with alternative color scaling is desired.

See Also#

Other basic image functions: addGiottoImage(), reconnectGiottoImage(), updateGiottoImage()